Optimizer Foundation is driven by the mission to improve youth access to health, education and employment opportunities. We are a non-profit organisation investing in companies that are, or have the potential to be, financially viable whilst maximizing benefits for the society. Any return on these investments are then re-invested in a new social venture.

Our ability to improve health, education and youth employment is enabled by your generous support of our vision, we are most grateful!

Contributions to Optimizer Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse can be made to its bank account in Handelsbanken:

Account Number: 462 953 351
IBAN: SE68 6000 0000 0004 6295 3351
Clearing No.: 6123
Bank Address: Norrmalmstorg 12, 103 91 Stockholm

We now also support donations via Swish!
Swish number: 1234425120

Thank you very much!