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Carl-Johan Hedström

Carl Johan Hedstrom (CJ) is a Senior Advisor to Optimizer Foundation and provides support across their portfolio on product and technology. CJ is currently the Chief Product Officer at AxPay, and serves as an advisor, board member and angel investor to a handful of tech startups. He has over 15 years of experience in IT/Telecoms space.

Previously, CJ was Chief Technology Officer for (MILVIK) BIMA, a fintech company focused on bringing insurance to underserved populations in emerging markets. At BIMA, he was responsible for developing BIMA’s proprietary solutions such as mobile-delivered micro-insurance and tele-doctor services. His work was critical to bringing BIMA to 26 million customers in 15 countries, focused on sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America.

After BIMA, CJ worked with engineering and product at Soundtrack Your Brand, a Spotify backed B2B music provider and Head of Product at Stellar, an AI based workout app.

CJ holds a BSc in Media Technologies from the Royal Institute of Technology in Swede