Investment strategy

We are striving to find entrepreneurs that share our vision of a future where youth across the continent have access to affordable and high-quality health and education, as well as job opportunities. We invest in impact-oriented leadership teams, who have a financially sustainable plan to provide products or services that create a positive social impact.

In addition to capital, we work closely with our portfolio providing advisory support.

Investment Criteria
  • Sector: Education, Health, Youth Employment, Climate Change
  • Geography: East Africa and parts of West Africa
  • Ticket size: 50,000 – 150,000 USD
  • Investment type: Equity, Convertible Debt
  • Investment stage: Pre-seed and seed
  • Impact: Product or service has a positive social or environmental impact on end-customer
  • Customer segment: Focus on underserved customers, who wouldn’t otherwise have access to similar affordable and high-quality products or services
  • Scalability: Scalability or replication potential for regional/international expansion
  • Financial sustainability: Generates revenue with long-term financial sustainability
Our Investments
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