Advancing reduction in mortality and morbidity of mothers, children and neonates
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Every ten minutes a mother dies in childbirth in India. Over 2.1 million children die each year before their fifth birthday. The most tragic aspect of these deaths is that about 90% of them are avoidable, if women receive the right kind of information at the right time.

Since April 2017 we are supporting ARMMAN, an organization committed to the well-being of pregnant women, mothers and children (<5 ys old). ARMMAN’s vision is to design and implement interventions to reduce maternal and child mortality and illness in India. ARMMAN’s leverages technology to share educative information with pregnant women and new mothers through the mobile phone. The information, shared through the mobile phone, covers areas such as dietary advice, and health issues (i.e. treatment of baby cholera – a common cause of infant mortality). So far, over 900,000 women and infants have benefitted from the service.

Optimizer Foundation is supporting ARMMAN’s scale-up to reach 900,000 women (i.e. 60% projected pregnancies) in Delhi slum areas over the next three years.

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